American Montessori Art

About Montessori Art

The appreciation of color, shapes, lines, and creativity is as human as nature, and the Montessori Art curriculum gently places the child right in the middle of it. A fascinating aspect of this is the actual appreciation of age-old classics like Van Gough, Monet, and Da Vinci. A child must love art, so we keep it simple; making it also a way for creative outlet. Another aspect of Montessori Art is the creation of other forms of art, and learning basic skills, such as using scissors, glue stick, paintbrush, and the study of certain geometric shapes.

Benefits For Your Child


Learn the interaction of colors and shapes


Introduction to actual classical art, including that of Cassatt, Matisse, etc


Learning and using instruments and tools for art


The process of carrying of feeling “being an artist” in later years


Interpreting and critical thinking through visual learning


Applied creativity

Curriculum Examples

Complex cutting.

Design your own gingerbread cookie.

Finish and color the oval.

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