Our Director

Salma Ajani has been awarded a lifetime AMS credential (American Montessori Society) upon completing her Montessori Graduate Level Program. Ms. Salma Ajani is also fully accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). She is also a graduate of the University of Southern California. After graduating from USC, she had an opportunity to work with the internationally known speaker, Anthony Robbins. Ms. Ajani decided to continue her research on human potential. She was awarded many certifications from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). She has been the Director of a Montessori school for over a decade.

Her latest publication is a children’s book, “Mouse with Five Tails”.

Mouse With Five Tails
By: Ms. Salma Ajani

American Montessori Schools (AMSS)
Our Community

Virtual school can’t be easy for all but you guys have made it seamless, easy and effective. I love the fact that the work is sent with a calendar of what is being done for the week, and the attachments of each worksheet in advance so parents and students can be organized.

She truly is such a blessing and a great teacher, who really assists in these children developing socially, emotionally and academically quickly…. She is a God sent.

Ms. DeriMom

1. Easy to access, able to communicate real time.
2. A wonderful teacher, her interaction with the children are genuine and even though she is not physically with them, you can tell that she is a caring and nurturing teacher who wants her children to learn. She is also very patient with the parents.

Ms. CarolynMom

My boy is happy with the class he feel comfortable and he learn every day.

I’m sorry my English is not good but I Try it!

Thank you, for everything

Ms. JulyMom

Montessori virtual has been like a breath of fresh air… I love the fact that the curriculum consists of so many different areas. It’s never a dull day of class and I feel that my son is being directed towards a wonderful academic future.

Ms. LeyraMom

The teacher is wonderful with her curriculum and activities with the kids. It is difficult for the kids at this age to sit still for a long time, so the exercises & stretches are much appreciated!

Thank you for all you guys do!!!

Ms. AnaMom and Physical Therapist

Virtual Montessori classroom very nice and helpful for children enjoy doing this with my grandson…Teacher is very helpful and understanding love her communication skills.

Ms. PremaGrandmother

You all have made a terrific effort in reaching out to the students, you have made online learning as real as it gets.

Ms. NandiniMom and Teacher

In my Opinion, the curriculum makes kids think and work in a better way.

Ms. JomcyMom

I really enjoy the Montessori classroom. Giovanna learned a lot in this class, she was behind from not being in a class due to quarantine but now she’s catching on to the new material and has learned lots of new skills in the classroom.

Ms. AishaMom

The teacher was awesome with my son and I’m excited she’s the teacher for my daughter as well. She makes classes fun. She finds ways to include all the children and make the virtual classes work. She’s an absolutely amazing teacher.

Ms. CarieMom

Our school provides a unique approach by delivering the Montessori education not just online but LIVE, for a nominal fee. Even a free option is given to those who would like to take advantage of the Montessori education.

American Montessori Schools use a child-centered approach, so the curriculum is designed to naturally learn and embrace an environment that instills self-discipline and independent thinking.

Our Mission

To provide a proven high-quality Montessori education,
accessible to all, and not only to the rich. To lift the child to
his/her maximum potential and uplift the parent with resources
to keep up with the ever-changing world.