American Montessori Etiquettes

About Montessori Etiquettes

Etiquette and Grace & Courtesy is a specialized curriculum in Montessori that is offered to our VIP members, however as part of our Montessori, all members have access to the fundamental aspects of this unique program, both in our live and our recorded classes. Anyone who observes a Montessori class will notice the exceptional level of natural respect that students have for each other. Dr. Montessori perceived early on that little children actually crave consistency and order, and this is the best time to teach the basic rules of etiquettes.

Benefits For Your Child


Learn the basics of social behaviors


Foundation of a peaceful learning environment


Solving disagreements


Role-play and demonstrations


Graceful conversations (depending on age)


Patience in challenging situations

Jumpstart your child's love of learning for as little as $5/month.