American Montessori Language

About Montessori Language

Dr. Montessori perceived the miracle of language development as “a treasure prepared in the unconscious, which is then handed over to consciousness, and the child, in full possession of his new power, talks and talks without cessation.” Parents are often pleasantly surprised when they see the children learn to read and write at a young age, and continue to master it at the older ages; setting the children up for success in the later years of school.

From movable alphabet and sandpaper letters, to inventive spelling, the Montessori Language curriculum is a fun and playful way to incorporate and master the language.

Benefits For Your Child


True language command as the children grow


Exposure to a large vocabulary


Mastery in visually communicating an idea


Learning grammar at all ages by using spiraling curriculum


Developing a well-rounded means of expression


Ability to explore and understand the world around the child

Curriculum Examples

Language curriculum example.

Language curriculum example.

Language curriculum example.

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