American Montessori LIVE Classes with Teacher

About Montessori Live Classes

One of the most unique offerings of our Montessori is an actual LIVE class with a live teacher, thus giving your child every possible advantage for a quality education and an edge over the rest of the children in later years. This fun and engaging online live class, for kids ages 2 to 6, is offered every day, in a convenient simple click to access format, at a most reasonable cost available anywhere in the world. Everything has been methodically created by a certified Montessori professional, offering a most diverse curriculum, with an easy cancellation feature.

Benefits For Your Child


Access a diverse Montessori curriculum with a simple click


Available to anyone in the world at an affordable cost


Fun and engaging live class bringing joy to all children


Live class in conjunction with a full and downloadable Montessori curriculum


Live Montessori class without leaving the safety of your home


Delivering a child-centered approach through online live portal

Jumpstart your child's love of learning for as little as $5/month.