American Montessori Math

About Montessori Math

The Montessori math lessons lead the child through progressive hands-on activities, emphasizing concepts while preparing the child for abstractions. The extensions and variations we offer complement and support work with Montessori’s legendary math method. Children as young as one can learn concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with numbers in the thousands. Montessori Math has an amazing process of recognizing shapes, angles, size, position, and the spaces they live in.

Benefits For Your Child


Further develops the ability to learn


Makes children less afraid of complex concepts


Ability to solve problems


Helps quicken young minds


Analytical thinking at an early age


Link math to fun for later studies in life

Curriculum Examples

Color the beadbars and circle the correct number.

Trace the numerals and fill in the missing number.

Trace the numbers and draw a line to match the beadbars with the correct numbers.

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