American Montessori Practical Life

About Montessori Practical Life

The most important aspect of the Practical Life curriculum in Montessori is that it gives children ways to participate in the activities in their everyday lives, and gives them a feeling of belonging. These are reality-based activities which includes caring for self, caring for the environment, and even grace and courtesy. This is not just everyday work that is done for ourselves, but also teaches the child about the bigger picture and how we are an integral part a bigger picture, and how children are the most happy when they are active.

Benefits For Your Child


Everyday common materials become more valued


Significance of waiting, and not always wanting immediate gratification


Importance of completing an activity


The function and purpose of everything, including utensils and tools


The relationship between functionality and safety


Logical sequence of work

Curriculum Examples

Continents of the world.

Color the flags.

Parts of a flower.

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