American Montessori Recorded Classes

About Montessori Recorded Classes

Past recorded classes are added a few days after its debut on our live platform. Our members can go and view the entire class and the children can partake in its unique delight, as well as learn valuable Montessori lessons. Our live classes are only available to the subscribed members, who also opted for the live option, however the recorded classes can be viewed by all those members who have access to this level of membership.

Benefits For Your Child


Enjoy the classes even if not able to watch live


Re-watch just one lesson or the whole class


On-demand access to our classes to our members


Flexible times


Take the time individual child needs to properly complete lessons


Increased accessibility and comprehension

Recorded Class Example

Recorded Class  |  Jun 2, 2021

Jumpstart your child's love of learning for as little as $5/month.